Bikini or one piece swimsuit!?

Bikini or one-piece swimsuit: which one to choose?

The one-piece swimsuit is comfortable, but the bikini can be too.

Once upon a time, the one-piece swimsuit was the almost obligatory choice for women with large breasts, but today the countless variations of the two-piece , with supports and underwires, also allow those with large breasts to feel comfortable.

It's true, we are trying to convey the message that the only differences between the bikini and the one-piece swimsuit are to be found in personal tastes.

In fact, as with any item of clothing, in order for it to give the best result when you wear it, even for a swimsuit it is essential that you feel comfortable.

What we feel tailored to us will be our best choice.

But, to be honest, it must be recognized that some differences exist between the two types of costume.

And in our opinion it is not to be found in the shape of our body, but rather in our way of experiencing the beach.

If we love diving, swimming for hours and running on the shoreline, a one-piece swimsuit could actually be more comfortable and practical, avoiding the constant worries of "losing pieces" or showing more than desired.

While if we love lying in the sun and relaxing, the bikini guarantees us a tan with fewer marks on the skin, also allowing our stomach and back to enjoy the tan.

In hindsight, perhaps we haven't helped resolve the dilemma between bikini and one-piece swimsuit .

Finally, our advice to avoid second thoughts and feelings of guilt is, obviously, not to choose!

And when in doubt…take them both!