360 degree artist painter sculptor poet this is where Trisarte was born < / h3>

Cannata Antonio has always been inspired by feminine charm by inserting it in his thousand interpretations

Bags and clothing are an extension of his art by creating a hymn to the female world

From an idea of ​​the son Danilo Cannata a reality was born founded in the surreal world of his father

thus creating the amazing Bag art bags signed with the suggestive graphics of artist Cannata Antonio

Author of more than 20 artistic currents, during his long artistic career he has been awarded several times

"palazzo vecchio award"
"Polaris rotary club award"
"Venice Biennale Oscar"

In the last period of his life he has also produced his latest masterpiece!
with more than 250 quotes and reflections A masterpiece hardly found in contemporary literature.

< span> Thoughts that ignore time, like sharp flashes

illuminate what is hidden in our depths.
Happy reading.