Antonio Cannata Painter Sculptor Poet

Cannata Antonio 1938 - 2017
Founder of over 20 Currents
There seems to be no limit to the master's creativity
Antonio Cannata.
Inspiration, imagination, brilliant intuition, originality and
ability to represent a subject using
at the same time of painting, sculpture and poetry, that
which he calls himself "TRISARTE", make him not
just a continuously innovative artist, but also
a protagonist of culture.

Antonio Cannata had made his brilliant debut at the
Viotti Gallery in Turin in 1965, and since then in Italy
and abroad he is considered a prominent exponent
of figurative and literary surrealism.

In a short span of years his name came into being
part of the most valid and original personalities
artistic Turinese of the so-called second
post-war generation, developing and
carrying forward a visionary discourse, rich in
meticulous design and surreal poetry.

Painter, sculptor and poet, he penetrates the world
magic of fantasy, like that of Shakespeare,
and of Homer by transferring the
extraordinary nature of the spirit and thought of the
classical tradition of the great writers.